Brian Clinton and Sir Donald Bradman

Brian Clinton has been an artist and graphic designer for nearly forty years. He began his career in the advertising industry and has won, among many other honours, the Gold Medal for Illustration at the prestigious International Festival of Advertising in New York. His work is now represented in collections both in Australia and overseas.

Brian Clinton has earned an international reputation for sporting and movie poster design. His work can be recognised on film posters including Crocodile Dundee, Phar Lap, The Light Horseman, as well as a number of other Hollywood movies. Brian is one of the world’s most prolific stamp artists, having designed over one hundred stamps for Australia and other countries throughout the Pacific region. However, Brian’s real passion is portrait painting, which allows him greater scope for personal interpretation of his subjects. He has received numerous commissions for portraits from government, corporations and private individuals worldwide.

He is also renowned for creating masterful works of art depicting sporting legends and heroes. His arresting captures of real life, meticulous attention to detail and flair for scene composition make him the pre-eminent artist working in the world of sport, not just in Australia but the world.

Brian’s body of work blurs the line where real life ends and art begins, his celebrated ‘hyper-realism’ style presents his subjects in razor sharp focus, yet suffused with the inner heroism inherent in the famous individuals and scenes that he paints, making it much more than a brilliantly accurate artistic likeness. His original art, limited edition prints, and collector plates for Bradford Exchange are sought by collectors the world over, covering sporting legends like Michael Doohan, Jack Brabham, Dawn Fraser, cricket great Keith Miller, Australian rules and rugby league greats and of course the greatest of them all Sir Donald Bradman.

As a former junior district cricketer for Western Australia club Claremont–Cottesloe and opening batsman for a suburban district team in Melbourne, Brian has always had the utmost respect for The Don’s’ cricketing achievements. Being of short stature, like Sir Donald, Brian had some understanding of Sir Donald’s fondness for the hook, pull, and cut shot. Most bowlers would be trying to knock your head off so for Brian it was as much about preservation as an attacking shot. The world of art has seen Brian achieve a lot more than he ever experienced on his beloved village green. He has been able to combine his love of sport, and cricket in particular, with his profession as an artist.

30 October 2003

Dear Brian,
Thank you most sincerely for the copy of The Art Of Bradman – it is splendid. I have it on my desk and since it’s been here everyone who’s come in to the office has wanted to have a look or made a positive comment about it. Well done.

Kind regards
Tony Greig

The artist Brian Clinton worked with full consultation and cooperation on this mammoth Art of Bradman project with Sir Donald and the Bradman Museum. This tribute to a unique sporting legend took over six years to complete. The research in creating this collection ensured that each painting was historically accurate in every detail to the particular innings. Having such an affinity for cricket Brian has paid great attention to detail on the ‘minor things’ in his paintings – from the shapes and folds of a glove or pad, the tilt of a baggy green cap, and the reality of the uniforms of the period predicted, to the deliberate use in his montages of muted creams, browns and soft greens to create a nostalgic feeling of the era. The paintings capture the action elements Sir Donald’s full repertoire – the majestic and flowing cover drive, to his most prolific run scoring shot, the pull and hook and his elegant and deft back cut with which he scored many effortless runs.

Brian’s meetings with Sir Donald during the course of these paintings further enhanced his respect and admiration for ‘The Don’. In his appreciation of the quality and historical accuracy of this unique body of work Sir Donald personally signed the original paintings and drawings for the artist. In meeting with Sir Donald Brian said he felt incredibly honoured that he gave so freely of his time. Sir Donald’s input and amazing recollections of a particular innings and suggestions helped him in documenting the greatest highlights of Bradman’s wonderful career. Brian hopes his passion for creating this historical art collection will be enjoyed by generations to come and be a lasting tribute to the greatest cricketer the world has seen, Sir Donald Bradman A.C.